NORD Drivesystems

Design Unicase excepcionalmente robusto

O design NORD Unicase para motoredutores integra todos os mancais em uma carcaça em uma única peça, eliminando assim todas as superfícies de vedação que poderiam se desviar sob o efeito de torque ou forças radiais.

Design Unicase excepcionalmente robusto
The switching system permits simple standardised integration of the emergency pull-wire switch in safety circuits. The wire length can measure up to 2 x 50 m, meaning that even large hazardous areas can be fitted with a rapidly accessible emergency-stop function. Additional safety functions include integrated monitoring of the pull-wire itself, as well as potential tears in the wire. An emergency stop signal can be visualised using an optional warning lamp or yellow indicating lever.

The ZS 91 conforms to DIN EN 60947-5-5. It can be used to switch off conveyor systems safely, for example in the mining industry or recycling plants.

In addition to different switching systems with up to six contacts, series variants also include the heavy-duty position switch ES 91 DL and the belt-alignment switch ZS 91 SR. The ZS 91 SR is fitted with an adjustable lever which gauges the correct alignment of a conveyor belt. If the belt is not running centrally, it will be switched off or a warning signal will be transmitted to the control room. This means that longer periods of inactivity, which can result from a fully loaded, falsely aligned belt, can be avoided.

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