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Os robustos motoredutores NORD garantem o bom funcionamento de uma estação de tratamento de águas residuais em Túnis

A estação de tratamento de águas residuais em Túnis, administrada pela empresa pública Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS), fornece águas tratada a aproximadamente 2,5 milhões de pessoas na área metropolitana. Para permitir a decomposição bacteriana das partículas de sujidade, as águas residuais necessitam de ser oxigenadas através de uma movimentação constante. Dois motoredutores de grandes dimensões propulsionam os misturadores sem interrupções. Na instalação que se encontra ao ar livre, a temperatura pode baixar até aos -5 °C no inverno, e subir até aos 45 °C no verão.

Os robustos motoredutores NORD garantem o bom funcionamento de uma estação de tratamento de águas residuais em Túnis
Maplesoft™, a leader in software products for technical education and research, announced today the release of the latest version of its popular testing and assessment tool, Maple T.A.™. Maple T.A. 9 makes it easy for educators to leverage questions created by others and share their own content with the community. It offers fully flexible adaptive testing at the assignment level, and is capable of handling larger classes.

With the new Maple T.A. Cloud, which is integrated seamlessly into Maple T.A. 9, educators can use publicly shared questions as easily as questions they have written themselves. Instructors can share individual questions, a group of questions, or even a fully organized, multi-layered collection of questions to support a full course. The full organizational hierarchy is preserved so others can navigate and understand the content in the same way the author does. Thousands of questions from calculus, statistics, engineering, and other subjects are already available in the Maple T.A. Cloud.

Expanding on the adaptive question type first introduced in Maple T.A. 8, the new version offers fully flexible adaptive testing at the assignment level. In adaptive assignments, the selection of the next question in an assignment depends on how the student has done on the previous questions. Educators can use adaptive assignments to sort students into different streams, provide extra reinforcement only when it is needed, and allow more advanced students to truly show what they are capable of without discouraging less advanced students. Since Maple T.A. has the power of Maple™ behind it, adaptive testing in Maple T.A. is more flexible than any other system.

Maple T.A. 9 is now capable of handling an order of magnitude more students than ever before using distributed load balancing across multiple servers, expanding its capacity to over one million users per installation. In addition, with a wide variety of enhancements related to assignments and question types, Maple T.A. 9 provides more customization options and a streamlined user experience for both instructors and students, including a significantly enhanced question repository, hint deductions, and an improved equation editor.

“Our customers told us they wanted even more flexibility and control over their testing, and Maple T.A. 9 delivers just that,” says Paul DeMarco, Director of Development for Maple and Maple T.A. “In addition, the new Maple T.A. Cloud question repository makes it easy for instructors to access great content developed by other users and contribute their own work to the teaching community.”

Maple T.A. 9 is available now for customers whose classes are hosted by Maplesoft. For a self-hosted version, please contact Maplesoft.

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